Single Hung Tilt

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Single Hung Tilt windows consist of one operating lower sash and a fixed upper sash. The lower sash slides up and down to ventilate and tilts inward from the top for easy cleaning. In 2013, the Wardco single hung was tested to the highest possible rating for air and water infiltration – A3 and B7. With ratings this high, we can honestly say that there is no better single hung window on the market! We achieve these results by using a thicker vinyl extrusion, a newly designed sill pocket and both internal and external reversible weep covers that let water out without letting air in.




  • Multi-chamber frame provides strength and added energy efficiency
  • Double wall pull rail for structural integrity
  • Internal glazing stops for added security
  • Enhanced pocket cover with bulb seal to reduce air infiltration
  • Internal reverse weep covers to allow excess water drainage while preventing air infiltration
  • Lower sash tilts inward for easy cleaning from inside

Standard Sizes

  • Width – minimum 16”, maximum 48”, available in 1/8” increments
  • Height – minimum 32”, maximum 78”, available in 1/8” increments
  • (sizes below or above min/max may be available – contact dealer for details)

Energy Efficiency

GlazingEnergy RatingU-FactorVisible TransmittanceSolar Heat Gain Coefficient
3mm PPG Clear / SG400301.790.610.53
3mm PPG SG400 / Clear281.790.610.50
3mm PPG SB60 / SG400211.640.550.32
3mm PPG Clear / SB70XL201.630.500.30
3mm PPG SB70XL / Clear151.630.500.22

Additional information

Interior Options

Accessory Groove Cover, Celuka Jamb Extension, Drywall Return, Solid Oak Jamb Extension, Solid Pine Jamb Extension

Exterior Options

Accessory Groove Cover, Brickmould, Frame Extension, Nail Fin only, Sloped Sill

Grille Options

1-1/4" SDL, 1/4"x5/16" Square – Brass, 1/4"x5/16" Square – Pewter, 1/4"x5/16" Square – White, 2" SDL, 3/4 Georgian White, 5/8 Flat – Black, 5/8 Flat – Brass, 5/8 Flat – Pewter, 5/8 Flat – Two-Tone, 5/8 Flat – White, 7/8" SDL, Pencil – Brass, Pencil – Pewter, Pencil – White

Hardware Options

Self-Locking window latch

Screen Options



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