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When space is tight or a situation calls for it, Wardco offers an out-swing door system with almost as many possibilities as our in-swing system. With an outstanding bumper system, the Can Am sill is adapted to an out-swing sill allowing these doors to achieve a Design Pressure rating of DP65 – that means an Air Tightness rating of A3, Water Tightness rating of B4 and Wind Load Resistance rating of C4.




  • All structural components and joints are fastened with screws and silicone (not staples)
  • Continuous door and sidelight sills provide additional structural integrity
  • Steel deadbolt and top hinge security plates reduce forced entry and guard against door panel sagging
  • Adjustable Can-Am sill provides superior water and air infiltration ratings
  • Full composite sub-sill ensures a lifetime of service
  • Multiple door and sidelight options allow for custom design to suit almost any application
  • High quality, steel, five knuckle, ball bearing hinges, available in a variety of finishes

Standard Sizes

  • Contact dealer for available door & sidelight sizes and availability

Entryway System Typical Combinations

  • Single door (left or right hinge)
  • Single door with one sidelight (left or right sidelight, left or right hinge)
  • Single door with two sidelights (left or right hinge)
  • Double door (left door active or right door active, inactive door hinged with floating astragal)
  • Double door with two sidelights (left door active or right door active, inactive door hinged with floating astragal)
  • Garden door (left door active or right door active, left or right hinge, fixed door inoperable)

Panel Options & Features

  • Steel:
    • 24 gauge, rust resistant, galvanized steel skins provide enhanced durability and dent resistance
    • Steel skins are fastened with a j-bend to prevent them from peeling
    • Stiles and rails are constructed from 100% knot-free, finger-joint pine
    • Environmentally friendly urethane foam core insulates the door from both sound and temperature transfer
  • Fiberglass:
    • High performance smooth or woodgrain fiberglass skins are made of compression-moulded fiberglass that is ten times stronger than steel to provide superior security and durability, and guaranteed not crack, split, swell, warp, rust or dent
    • Deep embossed smooth or woodgrain panels create beautiful shadow lines and the look of a real wood door at a fraction of the price
    • Constructed with waterproof composite stiles and rails, guaranteed not to rot
    • Laminated veneer lumber stiles run down each side for added structure
    • Full length internal wood lock block with steel reinforcement to prevent thermal bow and provide added security
    • Environmentally friendly polyurethane foam core makes fiberglass doors six times more energy efficient than wood doors

Brickmould Options

  • Unfinished finger-joint pine
  • Vinyl wrapped finger-joint pine
  • Smooth composite
  • Woodgrain composite

    Additional information

    Frame Options

    Smooth Composite, Unfinished Finger-Joint Pine, Vinyl Wrapped Finger-Joint Pine, Woodgrain Composite

    Hardware Options

    Multipoint Grip Set, Multipoint Lever, Standard boring

    Screen Options

    Siding Screen


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